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KW Wellness
Group health care coverage is often difficult for independent real estate professionals to secure due to their employment classification, but not so for Keller Williams associates. Keeping the focus on the associates’ needs, the KW Wellness Benefits Marketplace was created to accommodate the entire associate population, as well as offer […]

KW Wellness – Medical, Dental & Vision Coverage

33 Questions to Ask A Real Estate Company If you’re interviewing other Real Estate companies these 33 questions should help you choose a company that is best for you, your family and your career. 1. What is your company “value” statement? 2. Who makes decisions on a local, regional and/or […]

33 Questions to Ask A Real Estate Company

Military Veterans that have served in the United States Armed Forces end up becoming solid Real Estate Agents with the proper guidance and training. Why is that? I have compiled 6 of the multitude of reasons why Veterans make such great Real Estate Agents. Vets Helping Vets One of the […]

Looking for Military Veterans to Become Real Estate Agents

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