Looking for Military Veterans to Become Real Estate Agents

Military Veterans that have served in the United States Armed Forces end up becoming solid Real Estate Agents with the proper guidance and training. Why is that? I have compiled 6 of the multitude of reasons why Veterans make such great Real Estate Agents.

Vets Helping Vets

One of the most rewarding things to see in real estate is one Veteran helping another Veteran with the home buying or selling process. Many times, whether it is because of just the common bond of service, or a deeper bond that exist because the both served in the same branch of service, there is an instant bond and rapport. Many things do not need to be explained. Certain terms or references are givens. A shared duty station or tour can put the Veteran purchaser or seller at ease.

Understand being relocated better than anyone

Lets face it. Veterans understand more than anyone else what it means to be relocated and forced to move. This understanding goes a long way in not only helping veterans, but also those facing corporate relocations or others moving to be closer to family. Veterans get that it is not just the move or the sale of the home, it is everything else that is involved. Bank Accounts and schools and Doctors and proximity to VA Hospitals and services in many cases. This Been There, Done That confidence shines thru and sets apart Real Estate Agents that are Veterans of the Armed Forces.

Has a sense of HOME

A Veteran has a sense of HOME. Especially if they have been stationed overseas or in a combat / hostile area for any period of time. That countdown to the time of getting home, and back to a sense of routine and normal is something that a Veteran understands and looks forward to. Military Veteran Real Estate Agents strive to be of service and help the buyer or seller complete the process as quickly and smoothly as possible to return the customer back to a place of normal and routine as soon as possible. This comes, many times, from a place to call home.

Disciplined to do the job

For a Real Estate Agent, this many times comes in the form of doing all of the unseen task that are required. Required to obtain the buyer or seller and the task required during the home search or selling process. Veterans call upon this developed discipline in ways that other agents have to acquire.

Used to working with diverse people from all backgrounds

Most Military units pull together Soldiers, Sailors, Airman or Marines from all parts of the country and all races and backgrounds. This diversity training is second to none and serves Veterans well in navigating the variety of individuals that they will deal with in a very public orientated business such as Real Estate.

Determination to see the job through to the end

You want the job done and done right. As a country, we call upon our Military. These Veterans potentially make great real estate agents that can be called upon to get the job done.

Are you a Military Veteran and wonder if Real Estate would be a great career for you? (With the proper training and guidance it sure could…) Complete this form and we will be in touch with you to give you a step by step guide to get into the Real Estate Field.